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Xpress, LP Fee: Xpress, LP charges a fee of $275.00 per vehicle procured. This fee is used to process all Title documents, Ownership Transfer, Shipping arrangements, Inspection, Insurance processing, Transportation arrangements and direct communication via phone, email or Skype. We provide an easy vehicle-procuring process, which saves you time and money. Contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding our fees.

Document Fees: A non-refundable document-processing fee of $50.00, levied per vehicle.

Car History Report: (Highly recommended). We recommend the purchase of a Car History report for every vehicle bought through our Auto Program. The cost per report is $15.00 and is an integral part of the application process.

Bank Fees: Banks fees are payable to Prudential Bank Ghana our partnership bank. Please contact Prudential Bank, Ghana for details on fees and charges or call customer service.

Shipping Fees: Xpress LP, will process your vehicle for shipment to Ghana. Please click on the “Shipping” page for information on cost and the time it takes for your vehicle to arrive in Ghana. Our shipping service is reliable and ontime. All vehicle upon leaving the port of New York, NJ will be tracked until their arrival at Tema. You will be provided with tracking information when your vehicle leaves the United States.

Custom Clearing: (Optional Service) We offer Custom Clearing Services for $175.00 per vehicle processed through Customs. This fee does not include the Custom Broker fee, Duty and Taxes due on your vehicle. Contact us if you are interested in this service. As part of the Custom Clearing process, we deliver your vehicle to you at your location/house in Ghana.

Auto Parts Procurement Fees: We charge a flat fee of $125.00 to locate and process auto parts for Air transport to Ghana. Contact us for Air Freight charges by USPS, FedEx, DHL or Delta Cargo. Please note, that cost per shipment will depend on weight and package dimension. Air transportation normally takes 4 to 5 business days to arrive in Ghana. Make sure to provide delivery address/consignee information. Upon arrival of auto parts in Ghana, customers will pay all custom duties and taxes. Insurance coverage is available if needed; an extra fee may apply.

Forms of acceptable payment

  1. Wire Transfer (Recommended for fast execution of purchases – Bank fees may apply)
  2. Irrevocable Letter of Credit (ILOC) – only applicable to those paying in full (Contact Prudential Bank, Ghana, for applicable Bank Fees)
  3. PayPal: This form of payment requires you to have an approved PayPal account. If you have questions in setting up an account please visit You will be invoiced for the cost under this method by our parent company Xpress Cargo International, LLC. Kindly inform your procurement associate of your interest to make payment using paypal.

All payments are to be made in US dollars and are accepted via the above listed methods, and should be made payable to Xpress, LP. An initial deposit of $65.00 is required to cover your document fee and initial car history report. This payment can be made at our offices in Accra, at the local Prudential Bank or any participating bank. A copy of the deposit slip (proof of payment) should be faxed, emailed or delivered to our office in Accra. Upon confirming your deposit, you will be assigned to one of our auto procurement specialist and granted access to our database (inventory) of vehicles to commence your vehicle search. Upon identifying the vehicle of your choice, an initial payment of 35% of the total cost is required. Upon receipt of notice of shipment (vehicle departs New York, NJ) a payment of 25% is due with the balance of 40% due upon arrival at the destination port (Tema, Ghana). All shipping (Master Bill of Lading) and ownership documents will be turned over to you upon receipt of final payments. Note: If final payment is not received 14 days upon your vehicle’s arrival at the port of Tema, you will lose your initial 60% deposits and vehicle auctioned off to recover our cost.

Example: A (containerized) 2007 Toyota RV4 at a cost of $10,000.00 will incur the following charges: Document Fee: $50.00 + Car History Report: $15.00 + Xpress LP Fee: $275.00 + Bank Fees: $125.00 + Insurance: $150.00 + Ground Transportation: $975.00 + Shipping: $2,850.00 – (optional fee of $275.00 for inspection not included)

Cost of (RV4) vehicle: $10,000.00 Fees/Expenses: $ 3,975.00 Total Cost: 13,975.00

Payment Installments:
35% = $4,892.00 (Initial Deposit)
25% = $3,494.00 (Deposit when vehicle leaves the exit port – New York, NJ)
40% = $5,589.00 (Due upon arrival)

Example: RORO: (non-containerized) 2007 Toyota RV4 at a cost of $10,000.00 will incur the following charges: Document Fee: $50.00 + Car History Report: $15.00 + Xpress LP Fee: $275.00 + Bank Fees: $125.00 + Insurance: $150.00 + Ground Transportation: $975.00 + Shipping: $1,500.00 – (optional fee of $275.00 for inspection not included)

Cost of (RV4) vehicle: $10,000.00 Fees/Expenses: $ 3,090.00 Total Cost: 13,090.00

Note: Ground and Shipping cost may vary; please customer service for actual cost.


All Payments should be made into our account at Prudential Bank, Ghana excpet for those made by Paypal. Please call customer services for bank information. Upon making your payment please send an email to and call our local office at 0244238002 or 0232070456 with payment information (payeee info., amount, date of payment). Be prepared to fax a copy of  your deposit (payment) slip. Kindly retain a copy for your records.







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