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Shipping Information

Containerized Shipment: All vehicle(s) processed out of our Minnesota or Atlanta warehouse will incur the following shipping costs to Tema, Ghana. Please work with your procurement advisor to determine the actual fee applicable to your shipment, as fees are subject to change. Note: There will be an added cost to transport your vehicle to our warehouse in Minnesota or Atlanta for consolidation (Containerized Shipment). Contact us for ground transportation cost.


RORO Shipment: This transportation option is highly recommended for speedy delivery of your vehicle. Vehicle(s) are transported directly to the exit port (New York, NJ) for shipment to Ghana. Vehicle(s) processed for RORO will not be containerized and are shipped on the open deck of the ship. We will not be held liable for any non-insured vehicle. Cost for ground transportation will vary depending on vehicle location within the USA. Please contact your procurement advisor to determine the cost for ground transportation to the port of New York, NJ.

Cost for Shipment by RORO is $1,500 for small cars and $1.950 for SUV and Van size cars. Please contact Customer Service for additional information regarding shipping cost. All vehicles are shipped out of the port of New York, NJ.

Shipping Period:
It takes an estimated 2-3 weeks to process your vehicle after it has been purchased. Your vehicle is then transported to the exit port (New York,NJ) for shipment to Ghana. The shipment from the United States to Ghana will take an estimated 30 – 45 days to arrive at the port of Tema. Note: You will be provided with tracking information, this will allow you to track your shipment as soon as it leaves the port of New York. If you have any questions please contact us.



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