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Ghana Auto Club website Terms of Use – Agreement

1. Acceptance: Ghana Auto Club also referred to as the “Ghana Automotive Club” is operated by Xpress Logistics and Procurement (Xpresss LP) a Ghana based company with Headquarters in the United States. The primary service offered by the Ghana Auto Club is to locate, buy, ship vehicles purchased in the United States by enrolled members. We also procure auto parts for interested clients in Ghana. By becoming a member of the Ghana Auto Club, or the use of this website to purchase a car in the United States, you agree to the terms of use which will govern your usage of its website and other tools as listed within this Term of use agreement.

2. Password and Username protection: We will provide you with a username and password upon enrolling as a member. Your password will be automatically generated and can be updated by logging on to the website and updating your profile information (recommended). You will be required to keep this information in a secured place to avoid usage by an authorized person. The Ghana Auto Club will not be responsible for any and all unintted usage. It is important to update your password periodically if you believe it has been compromised or contact customer service for a new password.

3. Service: The Ghana Auto Club overtime will update its procedure and policies and has the right to do so at any time during the term of its relationship with any user. It is important that you visit this page periodically to be informed of changes to its policy and procedures. Call customer service if you are unsure of any listed term. We have the right at any given time to discontinue any service with or without notice.

4. Discontinuation of relationship: Ghana Auto Club has the sole right to terminate its relationship with you and deactivate your username and password if it determines your continuing affiliation with the company is not in the interest of the company and its members. Ghana Auto Club or its parent Company cannot be held liable for any actions resulting from the termination of its service to you.

5. Rights: The Ghana Auto Club will make available for use by it members all proprietor tools, service policy, procedures, on its website (Search, Inventory). These tools as agreed will be the sole use of its members and cannot be reproduced in any format except by and with the consent of the Ghana Auto Club.

6. Usage: Your use of our service is solely your responsibility and at your risk. All vehicles sold by this service are sold “AS IS”, and listed on our website to the extent provided by the auto dealer and information reflected on the Car History report.  The Ghana Auto Club will not be held liable for any miss information, miss representation, or all unseen malfunctions not listed on this website, known or unknown.


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